Customer Case

"The staff at Pingala are really competent - they have made our very complex AX solution work very well".

Andy Simonsen, ERP Manager, GEA Niro A/S

A complex, global, project-oriented production company

GEA Niro is a highly specialized company who supply and commission custom-made spray drying, freeze drying, flash drying and fluid bed plants worldwide. The production and servicing of such projects require highly educated engineers, competent logistics people, and service-minded spare part salesmen - altogether it requires dedicated people in the entire organization.

Furthermore, it requires an IT system to support the many tasks. Pingala participated in all development of the Dynamics AX 2009 that GEA Niro uses as their ERP system. The cooperation between GEA Niro and our consultants and developers was very close and productive. Many of the 300 end-users at the Danish headquarters know who we are, and they value a visit from us as part of the development process or whenever an issue needs to be solved. <

The close cooperation - we like to work on-site - applies to the term "close proximity" of agile system development as we see it. The concept of Dynamics AX allows us to prepare and discuss solutions in front of the pc or on the basis of a common knowledge of the product. We attach great importance to the spontaneous communication and intuitive approach while we meet the documentation and format requirements of the customer.

Pingala helped GEA Niro A/S develop core solutions including:

Master scheduling (Forecasting / capacity planning)

Advance Payment of supplier invoices (partial payments of invoices) related to purchase orders.


IFRS (group level finance reporting)

Production handling and advanced warehouse management.