Pingala Workflow

Become paperless and improve your invoice approval process/workflow.

Add-on for electronic workflow management

For companies it is increasingly important to be able to handle outbound as well as inbound invoices electronically. Especially companies who do business with the public sector need to be able to do this, because public companies require that the suppliers handle the OIOUBL standard.

Pingala Workflow/Scan is an add-on for Dynamics AX easily enabling the company to set up an efficient electronic workflow including scanning of appendices, etc.

This Pingala add-on allows you to:

- Accelerate your invoice approval workflow

- Become paperless and store all invoices electronically

- Quickly find old invoices

  • Free text search
  • Search by any word in the invoice text.
  • Search by serial number and find the invoice, i.e. if a product needs to be repaired and you need to prove the purchase date.
  • To put it shortly, search for anything!

- Build dynamic or static approval hierarchies to allow for invoices to be approved at any level of the organization.

- Set up the procedures for approval based on maximum invoice amounts.

- Import electronic documents as PDF, TIF, OIOXML or OIOUBL.

- Purchase match, automatic updates.

- Ensure that invoices are paid in time to avoid payment reminders. Set up procedures to remind the approver to start the approval process early enough to ensure timely payment.



Get the fact sheet about Pingala Workflow/Scan here.



Fact Sheet