Pingala Performance

AX Performance Assessment provides an evidence base for change improvements, with the aim of improving the AX systems response for user satisfaction and increased productivity.

In depth analysis of the entire IT infrastructure that surrounds the Microsoft Dynamics AX system

Companies and organizations using Dynamics AX as their ERP platform has over the years learned that more specific requirements are demanded to the underlying IT infrastructure that will support the ERP system. As you upgrade to the latest AX version, it has become essential to provide answers and job settlements through renewed focus and continuous optimization of both program code and IT infrastructure.


Possible performance challenges could be:

  • Long response time and job settlements
  • Operating instability and degradation
  • Vague statements from suppliers
  • Lack of proven causal explanation
  • Departments / Vendors working in silos, rather than holistic approach
  • Unclear reasons , due to the application, database , server or network issues , perhaps a combination?

Customer Experience

After an initial meeting where we match the expectations for further proceedings initiated 1-2 weeks of measurements of the entire IT infrastructure involved in order to have a fully documented basis of the system state. 

Report and conclusions drawn with a focus on the "root cause" and how these are corrected.

Priority mitigation plan drawn up with a breakdown of what the customer can implement, what we are implementing together and what Pingala has primary responsibility for implementing.

It is often not a viable option only to buy more hardware etc., because the important thing is to create a balanced infrastructure. Bottlenecks often move around in the infrastructure if there is a primary focus on maintaining the whole balance. We often see companies "park" the hardware rather than buying more.

  • Dynamics AX platform design and tuning
  • High performance
  • Kerberos
  • Scalability (scale-up & scale-out)
  • Consolidation (especially SQL Server)
  • High-Availability
  • VLDB
  • Data Warehouse platforms
  • BI platforms
  • High Performance Computing clusters
  • Big Data platforms & architecture, especially:
    • -Hadoop eco-system and design
    • -Vendor positioning
    • -Enterprise readiness
    • -Interconnect sizing
    • -Compute node vendors & sizing
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