How to use and setup index search on customers and sales orders


The index search on customer, prospect and items are a very nice little feature, that enables the user to easily find items, prospects and customers.

How to set it up

Setup parameters

First we need to enable the feature and setup the parameters. Go to sales and marketing -> Setup -> Search -> Search parameters

Search Index - Picture 1

Create indexes

Then we need to create the indexes. Go to Sales and marketing -> Setup -> Search -> Define criteria

Start by setting up for customers

Add the relevant fields in the grid for both customers, items and prospects

Search Index - Picture 2

Proceed by setting adding fields for source = Item and source = Prospect.

Search Index - Picture 3

Search Index - Picture 4

As you can see the fields are from a view. This means that if you need more fields than you can see in the drop down, you will need a small modification to change the wiev.

Refresh indexes

When you are done with the setup, you need to refresh the indexes. Push Refresh

Search Index - Picture 5

Select the source.

Consider batching the refresh to keep the indexes updated.

and push "OK"

Search Index - Picture 6

Wait for the index to be refreshed.

Remember to refresh all 3 indexes and use batch to keep them updated.

How to use the index

Go to Sales and marketing -> Common -> All sales ordes. Create a new sales order and here is where the magic kicks in.

Search Index - Picture 7

We can now type from any of the fields we have added to the index.

If I type "Wholesale" in the search box and push "Search" I get this nice result box with all the customers having wholesale in any of the fields I added to the index.

I select one and push "select customer"

Search Index - Picture 8

Once we have create the sales order we need to add lines, but I don't remember the itemnumber, I only remember that I need HDMI-cables, so I type in "HDMI" in the item number field on the sales order line

HDMI is not an item number, it is part of the product name, but when I push "enter" this resultbox presents itself for me to choose from.

Search Index - Picture 9

Here I can see the available physical stock (not what is reserved for other purpose though).

I can enter the sales quantity I need for the items I need and then push "Create".

Search Index - Picture 10

And then I get 3 sales order lines with the items and quantities I entered.

Search Index - Picture 11

Be ware that the stock dimensione will be transfered to the sales order line regardless of the dimensions you have displayed. Of course, my fabulous collegue, have created a small modification ensuring you only get the stock dimensions you have displayed.

How cool was that?


  by: Lise Holck, Senior AX consultant