No two AX solutions are alike!

- det kræver indgående viden og samarbejde med jer for at forstå netop jeres forretningsgange.

Pingala, the origin of the name

Throughout history various mathematicians, philosophers and other wise people have thought about binary numbers in one form or another. When we hear the word "binary" today, we instantly think about computers and integrated circuits. However, people thought of the binary numeral system already hundreds or thousands of years before we were able to use it for computers.

In year 200 BC a Hindu named Pingala started combining two syllables from his Sanskrit alphabet just like school kids combine coloured marbles in schools today with. Thus, Pingala laid the cornerstone for the binary numeral system.

About Us

Pingala is an ERP consulting and development company with in-depth expertise in Microsoft Dynamics AX. All our consultants have more than 10 years' of experience in Dynamics AX.

At Pingala, we have a broad understanding from idea through implementation to identifying areas of improvement and bottlenecks in live system as well as deep knowledge of all practical and theoretical aspects related to IT projects.

We are specialists in process improvement and we work at several levels from consultancy, architectural assistance to practical optimization. We have a wide experience in all standard AX modules ranging from deep to world class.

At Pingala, we work according to the agile development method.  To be agile means to be quick, flexible and effective.  That is, even if we can see the value of a detailed specification, we assume that there is more value in developing a result that can be reworked and changed to meet the needs that were expressed before the task was started and/or were discovered in the process.  The Dynamics AX platform supports this work method.

Thus, you will see that Pingala - as your ERP partner - will implement and develop your project quickly and effectively with an emphasis on flexibility.

Through many years of experience in Axapta/Dynamics AX we have gained deep expert knowledge. We have gathered our knowledge in a variety of add-ons for Dynamics AX. In this manner we have developed a range of small easy-to-integrate modules that add value to your company.

Pingala's philosophy is that we do not necessarily have to be the biggest, but we must be the best in our field. Therefore we recruit only senior consultants/developers who can create value for our customers. It is important for us that our employees have expert competence in software development as well as a deep business understanding. These two abilities must in our opinion go hand in hand to ensure that our customers get the maximum use of and value from their ERP system.

Pingala's Specialities:

  • MRP / Manufacturing, including Shop Floor Control, material management as well as manufacturing planning and forecasting
  • Inventory management and logistics including batch og serial number management, pick processes, Inventory II as well as integration with warehouse automation, handheld scanners, etc. We are certified for Inventory II
  • Warehouse management (WHS) that was released with AX 2012 R3
  • Project accounting and Service management
  • Forecasting / capacity planning (Master Scheduling)
  • Cost allocation and recalculation of cost price
  • Management, storage and cost price determination of excess raw material and remnants
  • Integration of software and modules into AX
  • Enterprise Portal and workflow

A high level of competence, proximity combined with the ability to make practical solutions that will work - these are Pingala's special strengths.

Want to Join Us ?

Pingala is a small Microsoft Certified Partner specializing in Dynamics AX. We have some exciting customers and more to come! Our business is growing and we need competent people.

About the job
You will be part of a small but ambitious team of competent AX consultants and developers, and you will get the opportunity to influence all the exciting customer projects. Today you may be employed at a large Microsoft Partner but want to test yourself in a small company where you are allowed to perform a multiple exciting development tasks than you do now.

You will have direct customer contact and a close cooperation with the customers and your colleagues at Pingala ...